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Creating Articulation Collages in Speech Therapy

Try this fun, engaging articulation activity with your speech therapy students!

Articulation collage speech therapy activity

When I was a kid, one of my favorite activities was creating collages. They're colorful, creative, and fun to make. Which is why now as a speech therapist, I love to make collages with my students!

Collages for articulation practice are amazing because a) they provide a fun, engaging, hands-on activity for your students to work on throughout one or two speech therapy sessions, and b) they give students the opportunity to practice unique words that wouldn't typically be found in speech therapy activities.

Writing words on a speech therapy collage activity
Cut out or write in target words and phrases

I created free articulation collage pages that you can download in my freebie library! I included pages for all the articulation sounds, so you'll find one for each of your students. All you need to create a speech therapy collage is:

  • Blank articulation collage pages for each of your students

  • Kid-friendly magazines or grocery store circulars that are filled with products and pictures

  • Scissors

  • Glue or tape

  • Pens

Articulation adjective lists for speech therapy
Grab these free in my freebie library!

Help your students search through the magazines or circulars for words containing their target speech sounds. You'll be surprised how many words there are! But if you're having trouble finding words containing certain sounds, you can create a collage using any pictures you want, then combine the words with adjectives containing target sounds to create phrases. I've created free articulation adjective word lists for /s/, /l/, and /r/ that you can also download in my freebie library. These word lists are great for using with students who have moved to producing words in phrases or sentences.

If you use either of these freebies to create articulation collages, I'd love to hear about it. Share your pictures with me on Instagram! I hope your students love this fun and engaging activity as much as mine do!


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