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This amazing resource is a super fun way to work on articulation of /r/ in sentences during your speech therapy groups!


For each word position, there are whodoing whatwith whatwhere, and descriptor cards, so students can flip around, mix and match, and create fun /r/ loaded sentences!


There are a total of 40 sentence-building cards for /r/ in each of the following contexts:

  • Initial /r/
  • Medial /r/
  • Final /r/
  • /r/ Blends


That's a total of 160 cards that can be mixed and matched to create countless sentences for practicing the /r/ sound!


I've also included a printable page for writing down the sentences your students create to take home as homework!


If you have any questions about this product prior to purchasing, please contact me at

Articulation Sentence Builder Flips for R Sound

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