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Do your preschool students or clients have difficulty following or understanding directions during an oral mech exam? I began using these visual cue cards during the pandemic, when oral mech exams became nearly impossible while I was wearing a mask! They have become an invaluable tool in my preschool speech therapy assessments, and I hope they will help you too!


Included in this resource:

  • 20 large, colorful visual cue cards for oral mech exam tasks
  • 2-page oral mech exam response form (corresponding to visual cues)
  • No print, digital copy of visual cue cards that can be used on computer or tablet!


Please note, this oral mech exam is an informal assessment measure, and does not include normative data or instructions for interpretation. Please use your clinical judgement, knowledge, and experience when interpreting information gathered during oral mech exams.

Preschool Oral Mech Exam with Visual Cue Cards

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