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No-Prep Back to School Speech Therapy

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Psst...most of these are FREE!

A new school year is starting, and whether your students are back in-person or remain virtual, you need quick and easy therapy ideas to keep them engaged. You're a busy SLP! Your precious time is literally being sucked up by scheduling, meetings, reading IEPs. and putting out fires all over campus. You don't have time to be cutting, laminating, sorting, cutting again, and velcro-ing. Did I mention cutting?

I'm here to help! I have no-prep speech and language activities, both printable and digital, to get your school year started!

Looking for an ice-breaker activity for that first day in speech? This FREE All About My Summer Foldable Book will keep your students engaged and talking as they get to know the other students in their group! Challenge your students to use words that contain the sounds they work on in speech. Or facilitate social exchanges by having the students ask each other questions. Work on sequencing as you describe what you did over the summer. The possibilities are endless!

It doesn't get more no-prep than Boom Cards™️! These FREE back to school-themed conversation starter Boom Cards™️ will facilitate conversational exchanges in your social skills groups. There are 15 total conversation starters that will get your students thinking and talking about all things school!

Boom card activity for describing by attribute in speech therapy
Describing by Attribute Back to School

Students working on describing and expanding expressive language will love these Describing by Attribute: Back to School Boom Cards. They include a Learning section for teaching the different attributes (category, function, appearance, etc.) and 15 total describing cards. Each card has sentence starters and a fill-in-the-blank format to support expressive language.

Another freebie! This one is for your articulation students. It is a fun and engaging activity for the speech room, but can also but can also be used outside the speech room for

students to show their teachers and parents what they will be working on in speech therapy this year. Students will have fun personalizing this page, including drawing a picture of friends in their speech group AND you! They will also include the day when they attend speech therapy, so it can replace a letter you would typically send home to parents at the beginning of the school year. To access this free No Prep All About Speech Activity, subscribe to my newsletter. Once you've confirmed your subscription, you'll receive an email with the password to my freebie library and a 40% off coupon that can be used in my store!

For those students who are working on answering WH- questions or describing, this no-print Boom Card™️ activity will get them off to a great start to the school year! It includes a learning section where concepts of who, what doing, where, when, and how feeling can be taught explicitly. There are a total of 12 high quality photo cards with sentence starters and visual aids to support receptive and expressive language. Click here to check out this great, no-print resource!

My sincere hope is that some of these resources will help you get your school year off to a smooth start. You are doing your best, and your best is enough!


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